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with 40 Years of innovation, CASMARA has come to an adventure in the sector of Beauty, an eternal quest for you feel perfect and enjoy “your time”.

What is CASMARA?

CASMARA is a professional-grade skincare brand that offers a range of innovative and effective skincare solutions. The brand is known for its use of unique ingredients, such as seaweed extract, and its customized approach to skincare, with products tailored to different skin types and concerns. CASMARA products are designed to provide professional-level results, and their use by estheticians and skincare professionals worldwide speaks to their high quality.


Rejuvenate Skin
Improve Complexion
Minimize Wrinkles

Pricing & Rates

Service Description Regular 1st Trial 5 Sessions 10 Sessions
GOJI | Antioxidant Treatment $309 $208 $1199 $1880
Purifying|Oxygenating Treatment 309 $208 $1199 $1880
Ocean Miracle |Firming and Rejuvenating Treatment $309 $208 $1199 $1880
Skin Sensations |Revitalizing and Mineralizing Treatment $309 $208 $1199 $1880
Infinity |Youth Activator Treatment $357 $238 $1399 $2180
Age Defense |Pro&Prebiotic Treatment $357 $238 $1399 $2180
Advanced Nacar |Clarfying and Lightening Treatment $357 $238 $1399 $2180